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Registered Nurse

Sara Medical Center
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
April 08, 2021


RNs need to be organized as they often care for a number of patients at the same time

A kind and compassionate RN will be considerate, sympathetic, non-judgemental and can comfort the patient.

A vital skill for an RNs is to be able to interact well with patients, coworkers and doctors. Communication skills are essential for good interaction.

Patience will help an RN to cope with anxiety, misunderstandings and help to make good decisions.

Dedication will help an RN to keep improving their skills and be committed to the patients.

An RN spends long hours on their feet, requiring stamina. The job also requires physical strength when lifting and helping patients.

An RN must be able to analyze, review and judge different situations they face and take the right actions according to the situation.