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Forklift Operator

UsedCardboardBoxes & UCBZeroWaste (UCB)
Milwaukee, WI
April 07, 2021


Job Description

Function: Operations

Division: Facilities

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Report to: Production Manager


The Forklift Driver is the glue which aids all other employees in the warehouse to keep workflow high, make everyone as efficient as possible, and to keep work areas clear and maneuverable. This position essentially moves all product around the warehouse whether it is incoming off of trailers, sorted through and put into our inventory, shifting product around to make room for movement, or outgoing on to trailers.


Clocking in and out each day correctly on our online system.

Adhering to all company policies and procedures as written in our handbook.

Keeping the entire warehouse clean, neat, organized, and presentable. Must met all GMP and fire codes.

Perform a Pre-inspection on forklift daily, at the beginning of shift.

Unload and load product from trailers at dock doors.

Aid the entire team in keeping up with their production quotas, tote sorter, box sorters and lid sorter.

Follow direction of workflow from the on-duty Shift Leader (or in some cases the Manager).

End of day – make sure all finished goods are put away and stacked, set up the sort teams with product for the next morning business.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Inventory management

Computer proficiency

Time management

Attention to detail

Neat, organized, and cleanly


Takes direction well

Proficient in fast paced and labor-intensive environments

Strong problem-solving abilities

Enjoys daily challenges

Strong communication skills with the determination to get the job done

Education Requirements

· High School Diploma or GED Equivalent

Experience Requirements

· 1 or more years in warehouse/manufacturing experience

· 1 or more years of forklift driving experience


Creating profit by reducing waste… with integrity and transparency.


UsedCardboardBoxes & UCBZeroWaste (UCB) designs, implements, and manages large-scale waste reduction programs that help major US companies reduce waste (cost) and increase recycling & reuse (revenue). We help them get to Zero Waste to Landfill at no out-of-pocket cost.


Founded in 2006, UsedCardboardBoxes is the largest buyer/seller of USED gaylord totes, produce bins, and shipping boxes in North America.

We BUY used gaylords, produce totes, shipping boxes & other commodities, for more than the recycling rates. The items most likely to be returned, reused, or resold are the gaylord totes, produce bins, shipping boxes, pallets, supersaks, barrel & drums our clients receive/unpack from vendors (often carrying bulk food/ingredients, plastic bottles/caps, and other high volume items). UCB can pay more than any recycler because we don’t recycle or export these items.

We RETURN, REUSE, or RESELL them as is, right here in the US. The mainly go to major retailers for distribution and reverse logistics. Many of the used shipping boxes are made into Eco-friendly moving kits, sold online and delivered to any residential address in 1-2 business days with free shipping, Most boxes are sold via tractor trailer, to large retailers as a low-cost way to distribute products out to stores. As a closed-loop sustainability program, totes, barrels, drums, and boxes can be sorted, inspected, and returned to the original vendor that purchased them (much like pallets programs) at significant savings.

UCBZeroWaste was created in response to our major client’s needs. We have proven methodology incorporates return, reuse, resale, recycling, and waste-to-energy (WTE)… all managed / reported real-time, via our proprietary software, called WATER.

UCB’s WATER (Waste Analytics and Tracking for Environmental Reporting) tracks all commodities (including organics), down to individual SKU’s, at each location (and a consolidated view), providing comprehensive, historic data for real-time analysis and continuous Improvement… right from your smart phone!

Getting to Zero Waste to Landfill is not cheap… and it’s also not achieved by getting the “best rate” for each commodity. Unlike tradition recyclers, UCB help reduce waste and streamline processes inside and outside our clients’ facilities. We first identify the processes that generates waste, and then work to decrease waste (cost) and increase return, reuse, resell, and recycling (revenue).

UCB is a waste reduction advocate (not a recycler or waste hauler) so our clients use their existing waste and recycling vendors, or seamlessly transition to more financially advantageous outlets, as they are identified. Money saved and generated through recycling and reuse can be applied to the Waste-to-Energy process, enabling UCB clients to get to “Zero Waste to Landfill” at no out-of-pocket cost. Because UCB is confident in our programs, we offer a no-risk, no cost approach where UCB is paid only out of the financial improvement created. No improvement = no payment.


By paying UCB suppliers more than recycling rates and charging UCB customers less than new packaging, we reduce environment impact, employ people in the US and make a profit. UCB’s model is a win/win/win!


UCB has created tremendous value at many of the largest manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in North America.

UsedCardboardBoxes & UCBZeroWaste (UCB) Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law.