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Journalism Internship

The Unknown Publication
Los Angeles, CA
Commission 10-20
April 10, 2021


The Unknown Publication is a journalism magazine run by young adults from across the globe. We write to educate and for fun! Join our team to gain: experience, competitive pay, leadership roles, networks, exposure, and much more!

What will your role be on our team? Well, that is the amazing part, you can choose! You can be:

Section editor (Learn how to edit articles and lead a group of staff writers!)

Copy Writer (Edit articles, paying particular detail to grammar and style!)

Translator (If you speak a language other than English and want to help translate articles)

Staff writer (Write articles about topics that interest you!)

Public Relation Specialist(Manage our social media accounts and learn the business and social side of journalism)

Audio (Turn the text that staff writes into audio!)

Broadcast Journalism Team (Get a chance to go out into the real world and interview people!)

Broadcast Journalism Editor (Edit videos made by the Broadcast Journalism Team!)

Secretary(Work closely with the head editors and helping plan and lead meetings!)

Photojournalist (Go out into the world and take pictures that will go up on our website!)

Web designers (Publish articles and edit the website design!)


Time: 2-3 hours weekly

A passion for journalism

Great at working in teams

A high school students or college students


A commitment to attend monthly mandatory all-staff meetings

Punctuality: Turn in work on time


Competitive Pay; Pay of 10-20$ per article




Virtual, Remote, COVID-19 safe