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UI Developer

Santa Clara, CA
April 08, 2021


Location: Santa Clara, CA

Title: UI Developer V


Understand the fundamentals of web design, with the ability to create solutions using web standards technology, with 6+ years of experience working with standard technology: CSS/HTML/JavaScript

Solid experience with pure JavaScript without the need to rely on libraries to accomplish innovative interactions

Work with Product Manager and UX designer to understand requirements and ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX design

Experience using tools including: source control tool (Git), package managers (NPM, Grunt), transpiler (Babel), and build tools (WebPack, Bower)

Understanding of all major browsers and their compatibilities

Understanding how to manipulate elements, use a debugger, execute scripts, and inspect network resources using browser developer tools

Experience with following: LESS, Angular, TypeScript, Jasmine, jQuery

Experience with WebGL or graphics scripting framework (OpenSeadragon, PaperJS, FabricJS, ThreeJS) is a plus

Experience with Electron, WebSockets, or Jenkins is a plus


Bachelor's or Master's Degrees in Engineering discipline preferably Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field or equivalent work experience.