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Maintenance Technician

Bell Maintenance
Anderson, SC
$15-$20 an hour
April 06, 2021


We are a commercial and residential faciality maintenance company that specializes in repair and replacements. Located in the upstate South Carolina we travel and work in North Carolina and Georgia.

Job Summary

If you want to put your highly capable mechanical skills to use, consider joining our team as a maintenance technician. Our company is interested in hiring someone with a vast knowledge of maintenance systems and mechanical processes. You will use your skillset to assist in the improvement of our productivity, help make our systems more efficient, install new equipment, troubleshoot various issues with equipment, repair mechanical parts and maintain the system for maximum output. You would be working in a fast-paced setting, where every day is unique and interesting. Looking for technicians who have knowledge of electrical, plumbing, drywall and carpentry. Commercial and residential facility maintenance. Must be willing to travel, be a problem solver and be able to think on your feet.

Job Responsibilities

• Work with Dispatch team and follow leads as they set a route for the technicians.

• Install mechanical equipment according to the manufacturer's recommendations in a timely manner for production.

• Complete periodic maintenance of equipment and machinery by following the recommended upkeep schedule throughout the life of the devices.

• Troubleshoot common issues with equipment and assist facilities with getting back to a productive mode.

• Complete a variety of tasks related to maintenance including plumbing, electrical jobs, drywall jobs and carpentry to comply with the scope of the project.

• Maintain a clean and organized work area while completing tasks related to maintenance, repair, or installation.

Job Skills & Qualifications


• Valid Driver’s License

• High school diploma or equivalent

• Strong knowledge of skilled trades, such as Plumbing, Electrical or Carpentry

• Excellent understanding of mechanical systems and parts


• Strong ability to communicate in writing and speaking

• Certification in industry-accepted standards

• Is comfortable being on job site alone

• Can take pictures to validate job completion.


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