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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Entourage Consulting LLC
Seotan-myeon, Gyeonggi-do, 17788, South Korea
April 19, 2021


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Place of Performance: Osan Air Base, South Korea

General Description:

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), works in the TRICARE office. The type of work may include the following: utilization of Microsoft Office products, maintaining/updating referral tracking database systems, communicating with Flight, Squadron and Group leaders on the status of referrals as needed, assist patients with referral issues, ensure referrals are addressed and sent to the appropriate provider no later than ten (10) days, communicate request of referrals with International SOS within two (2) business days regarding referral processing and approval. Additionally, you will provide consultation and support to the TRICARE Beneficiaries.

Specific Tasks:

• You shall follow DoD, Air Force, and MTF regulations and policies when arranging for a referral or consult.

• Performs administrative quality reviews of Duty Limiting Conditions (DLC), physical examinations, profiles, and appropriate clearances before these documents are forwarded/leave the MTF.

• Support basic in and out-processing and customer service related functions related to the TOPA front desk.

• Coordinates the management of all documentation, communication and instruction between beneficiaries, team members, internal/external staff and providers to ensure referrals are rendered appropriately and timely.

• Review all referrals in CHCS to confirm the quality of the information and to validate the referral is accurate, input correctly and warranted.

• Track and account for referrals in databases/spreadsheets to ensure metric accuracy and quantification.

• Coordinate with network providers, internal providers to schedule appointments on behalf of the patient as required.

• Coordinate referrals with internal providers and other MTFs as required.

• Review the patient demographics in CHCS and make updates as required.

• Scan all network results into HAIMS with a teleconference consult, “t-con”, to be sent to the referring provider for review.

• Attempt to establish communication with the patient no less than three times before facilitating the closure of the referral with the referring provider.

• Receive patient visits and coordinate via the telephone, email etc. to schedule and educate the patient regarding the referral process.

• Support patients with in and out-processing tasks related to the TOPA front desk.


• Minimum three (3) years of experience service for Licensed Practical Nurse in care coordination, discharge planning and case management in a medical setting within the last five (5) years.


• Shall have a valid and unrestricted state LPN license in at least one U.S. state or territory. The LPN license shall maintain throughout course of the contract.


• Shall have and maintain current certification in either the American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) (Course C) or the American Red Cross CPR/BLS Course.


• Knowledge of overall medical service and individual medical treatment facility organization, management, mission, purpose, programs, related requirements in various administrative areas, philosophy, and objectives on a practical level, as well as an understanding of the JCAHO, AAAHC, and HIS standards and AF and DoD instructions.

• Knowledge of safety, security, and personnel management regulations, practices, and procedures.

• Ability to provide and coordinate detailed consultation services and advice to, and gather information from, health care professionals, paraprofessional personnel and non-medical personnel.

• Must have knowledge and skills to effectively apply TRICARE Referral Liaison functions:

a) Assessment: Identification of patients that need special medical and education needs/management; comprehensive collection of patient information and medical status; and continued evaluation of an established plan of care.

b) Planning: Collaboration with the patient, family/caregiver, primary provider and other members of the health care team for developing an effective plan of care.

c) Facilitation: Care coordination and communication among all involved parties.

d) Advocacy: Support for the patient and family/caregivers to ensure identified education and appropriate, timely care coordination is received.

• Skill in use of military medical computer software such as AHLTA, HAIMS, GENISIS, CHCS, and CarePoint Applications highly desired. You will be required to maintain the integrity of HIPAA and ensure that access to medical information is only accomplished when there is a need-to-know.

• Must demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in both the English and in Korean languages, orally and written.