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School Bus Safety Aide

Entourage Consulting LLC
Okinawa Shi, Okinawa, Japan
April 15, 2021


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Place of Performance: DoDEA Pacific Schools within Japan District

General Description:

School Bus Safety Aide shall ensure the safe transport of special needs students on special education vehicles or when assigned to assist a special needs student on a commuting run.

Specific Tasks:

• Ensure students requiring wheelchairs and other related Child Safety Restraint Systems (CSRS) are properly secured prior to the school bus being put into motion. The Student Transportation Office (STO) will inform the contractor of students requiring the use of a CSRS.

• Must not pose a threat to the health, safety and security of students.

• Maintain and have on hand required documents within a folder as prescribed by the local STO while performing the duties.

• Ensure only authorized students and Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) personnel board the bus as instructed by the local STO.

• Ensure hand-to-hand custody of the assigned students to their assigned sponsor, parent, guardian and school officials.

• Should not rotate with other safety aides among special needs buses as this is upsetting to the special needs’ students.

• Work as a team with the bus driver forming a professional and mutually supportive relationship.

• Shall be seated at a location that affords the best possible vantage point for overall observation. For safety reasons, standing and walking on any moving school bus should be limited whenever possible.

• Alert the driver when safety conditions warrant non-movement or halting of the bus.

• During an emergency, you shall execute emergency evacuation plans provided by the local STO.

• Be familiar and know how to operate assigned school bus safety equipment and the school bus routes, runs, stops to include local STO identified school bus route safe havens.

• Maintain security awareness of the exterior environment of the route and its stops and report indicators of suspicious and/or criminal activities directed towards students and/or school bus.

• Shall not conduct physical searches of individuals or their possessions.

• Correct on-the-spot observed unsafe actions by student(s) which may result in injuries. Ensure good order when unruly student behavior interferes with the driver’s ability to operate the bus safely.

• In case of an accident, know how to use the bus’s communication equipment.

• Participate in school bus safety and evacuation training drills held twice during each school year upon request by the local STO.

• May be required to participate in video monitoring and reviewing to identify participants as a part of Military and/or DoDEA investigation.


• Shall be in be in good health and physically capable of lifting and carrying a minimum of 40 pounds.

• Familiar with the use and application of first aid kits. Kits will contain the following but not limited to compress bandages, adhesive tape, Band-Aids and clear topical antiseptic or an antiseptic which does not stain.

• Familiar with the use and application of Blood-borne Pathogen, Body Fluid Kits & Vomit Bag.