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Sales - Non-Profit Sector - McKinney, TX

Non Profit Opps
McKinney, TX
February 23, 2021


McKinney, TX

We are seeking a sales person to market our unique fundraising program to Non-Profits in the McKinney, Texas area. This is an easy conversation with ALL non-profit organizations as there is NO COST to them.

We provide the best fundraising program available for non-profits as we are NOT asking them to buy anything. In fact, we are SAVING them and their members/donors over 30% on their energy bills.

If you have connections with Churches, Schools, and other non-profit entities that require fundraising and donations in the McKinney area, then you will excel with our company. You will be successful, and the non-profits you introduce our program to will be grateful that you introduced it to them.

Please submit your resume directly to this posting.

McKinney, TX