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Trainers with Public Speaking

Cornerstone Enrichment Pte Ltd Singapore
Singapore, Central, 328779, Singapore
February 22, 2021


Company Background

Cornerstone Enrichment offers specialised programmes to primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions in Singapore. We are a specialised training institution in the education industry, equipping youth all over Singapore with 21st century skills that will enable them to be responsible citizens and problem-solvers. Our aim is to empower our youths to be ingenious, resilient, exemplary and caring individuals.

Through our programmes and events, Cornerstone brings students in direct contact with role-models, experienced trainers, entrepreneurs and professionals from the industries. We mentor them on their projects and provide the crucial link between education and industries.

The following are some of the programmes we provide to students:

Virtual Reality (Academic and Enrichment)

Virtual Reality Coding

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Various Life Skills and SEL Competencies Programmes

Motivation and Study Skills

Service Learning and Values-in-Action


Career Awareness and Planning

Time Out Programme / After School Engagement

Speech and Drama

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Design Thinking

Financial Literacy

Various Elective Modules


-Train, engage, and guide students to enable them to communicate, speak in public, and present well in and outside of school according to their personal styles, capacities and potentials. The following are the main responsibilities:

-To help students appreciate the importance of non-word based communication in presentation and public speaking .

-To use a mixture of theoretical and practical presentation strategies to impress on the everyday usage of public speaking skills, importance of -speech structure and content, and understanding of the audience

-To enable students to understand and develop their own presentation styles.

-To work with the teacher in-charge and/or school to motivate students and equip them with communication skills.



-Must be adept at online training

-Minimum Diploma in any field, certification in public speaking, or former proven Toastmaster experience.

-At least 21 years and above.

-Possess confidence and interest in working with students of various education streams.

-Preferably trained in public speaking, presentation, or interpersonal communication.

-Be responsible and mature.

-Be able to maintain a disciplined approach/ structure within the programme.

-Be able to instil a high level of self-discipline in students.

-Be able to conduct themselves in a firm and respectful manner.

-Good communication skills

-Proficient in plain speaking English