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Licensed Real Estate Agent

Exp Realty
Chicago, IL
February 22, 2021


"New or experienced Real Estate Agents. We are seeking realtors that are looking for great training both classroom and on demand to make you the best Realtor you can be .

Topics include:

• Lead systems

• Scripting • Handling situations

• Social media marketing

• Provide a detailed plan that is you follow, you will build a successful business.

• No need to cold call as other companies expect you to do to be successful

Our team is committed to collaboration, training, and business development to grow your business so you are the best Realtor you can be. Earn stock in the company.

Our Team is committed to your success!

• Mentorship

• Q & A seasons each Monday to answer any questions you have On demand training in our Team library

• Work from your home office

• We provide 50 hours+ live free training per week on a wide variety of topics

• Weekly live interviews with Agents sharing their strategies

• Publicly traded company with opportunities to earn stock in the company

• The money saved form brick and mortar means more money for you!

• Additional income opportunities available if you help us grow our Team

Watch videos online about our Company they will amaze you!

Learn why 13,000 Real Estate Agents moved last year to our company!

Real Estate Agent Qualifications and Skills




Good Listening Skills

Engaging Strong Sales Skills

Willingness to try new ideas

We assist you in developing the business you want!

While a real estate license is not required to apply, you must obtain a real estate license before officially Joining.