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AI Engineer

LIfewood Data Technology
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
February 21, 2021



The person will be working with dynamic teams across multiple countries in blazing internet speed setting. Our company rewards speed, decisiveness, and action. Successful candidates will be exposed and be prepared for working in a modern, unique, inspiring environment leveraging on cutting edge communication technology connecting teams across multiple countries and regions. He/She will have the opportunities to expose different country operating sites and working in diverse cultural perspective. Diversity and international exposure workplace are an ideal of driving innovation and development.

The Role:

• Develop an AI solution or component

• Prepare training materials for AI team, conduct the training and mentor

• Perform the necessary data preparation and analysis, AI modelling, coding, testing, validation and deployment to ensure reliable and scalable AI solution

The Requirement:

"1. Degree in machine learning, statistics, AI, computer science and other relevant equivalent quantitative fields."

"2. Experience with building data models from scratch and integrating them into production"

"3. Experience in developing AI/Machine learning solutions that are deployed in a production setting."

"4. Experience in Python based AI/Machine learning frameworks and tool chains such as Scikit learn, Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, Spacy and Anaconda."

"5. Experience with development environments and tools such as SQL, Git, Linux and Docker."

"6. Experience with developing custom visualizations by analysing & interpreting data using best open source technologies"

"7. Previous experience in deploying end-to-end AI/ML solutions will be advantageous."

"8. Familiarity with data visualization and statistical data modelling (i.e. QlikView, Power BI, Cognos, SAP Business Objects, R or Python stat packages, SPARK R would be an advantage)"