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Hotel Laundry Attendant

Hampton Inn & Suites-Chesterfield
Chesterfield, MO, 63005
February 16, 2021


Job Description

Laundry Attendant

General Information

Position: Laundry Attendant

Classification: Non-Manager

Reports To: Executive Housekeeper

Department: Housekeeping

Job Purpose: The purpose of the Laundry Attendant is operate or tend washing machines and dryers to wash the hotel inventory of linens and terry.

Primary Job Function

Operate or tend washing machines to wash and dry the hotel inventory of linens and terry.

Essential Job Functions

Start washers, dry cleaners, driers, or extractors, and turn valves or levers to regulate machine processes and the volume of soap, detergent, water, bleach, starch, and other additives.

Sort and count articles removed from dryers, and fold, wrap, or hang them.

Examine and sort into lots articles to be cleaned, according to color, fabric, dirt content, and cleaning technique required.

Load articles into washers or direct other workers to perform loading.

Mix and add detergents, dyes, bleaches, starches, and other solutions and chemicals to clean, color, dry, or stiffen articles.

Clean machine filters, and lubricate equipment.

Remove items from washers or dry-cleaning machines, or direct other workers to do so.

Operate extractors and driers, or direct their operation.

Test fabrics in inconspicuous places to determine whether solvents will damage dyes or fabrics.

Pre-soak, sterilize, scrub, spot-clean, and dry contaminated or stained articles, using neutralizer solutions and portable machines.

Sprinkle chemical solvents over stains, and pat areas with brushes or sponges to remove stains.

Job Knowledge

Customer and Personal Service – Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.