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Telecommunications Line Installers and Repairers

RD Communications Services CORP
Orlando, FL
February 15, 2021


1. Inspect or test lines or cables, recording and analyzing test results, to assess transmission characteristics and locate faults or malfunctions;

2. Access specific areas to string lines or install terminal boxes, auxiliary equipment, or appliances, using bucket trucks, or by climbing poles or ladders, or entering tunnels, trenches, or crawl spaces;

3. Clean or maintain tools or test equipment;

4. String cables between structures and lines from poles, towers, or trenches and pull lines to proper tension;

5. Pull up cable by hand from large reels mounted on trucks;

6. Lay underground cable directly in trenches or string it through conduits running through trenches;

7. Pull cable through ducts by hand or with winches;

8. Dig trenches for underground wires or cables;

9. Use a variety of construction equipment to complete installations, such as digger derricks, trenchers, or cable plows;

10. Fill and tamp holes, using cement, earth, and tamping devices;

11. Ability to read and comprehend blueprints of telecommunications specs.;

12. Completion of daily reports to document work performed.

Education Required: High School/GED or higher.

Experience Required: 12 months of experience.

Worksite Area: Orlando