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HR IT Recruiter

B-cause Phil. Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
March 01, 2021


B-cause Philippines Inc. is looking for an HR IT Recruiter who can start ASAP!


With more than 2 years of experience hiring IT ENGINEERS/SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS

Experience doing Job interview

Who always keep tracks of anything related to the job

(E.g. The content of the interview, the number of applicants, of shortlisted, etc.)

Data driven

Welcome Condition:

Those who have taken more than a hundred interviews

High interpersonal skills

Knowledgeable of HTML/CSS


Among 4 fields in HR namely: Recruitment, Training, Compensations, and Employees Relationships - we put special importance on the Recruitment.

Understanding the nature of the project (What kind of technology is in use, what kind of system Client Company is planning to develop) and explaining these backgrounds of the recruitment to potential candidates.

Sourcing (find matching talents for Japanese clients' job openings)

Job posting

Scouting (using LinkedIn / Facebook / our database)

CV screening

Conducting interviews

Reporting to Tokyo Office

SNS Facebook/LinkedIn management