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1864 Newborn Nursery NNP in North Carolina

ENSEARCH Management Consultants
Charlotte, NC
91K to 91K
April 08, 2021


Newborn Nursery NNP Opportunity in North Carolina

Are you ready to get off the Level 3,4 NICU roller coaster?

ENSEARCH has a client that is providing coverage to two newborn nurseries and is looking for NNPs to strictly cover deliveries and admissions with 24 hour on-call shifts. There is also the option to pick up additional shifts in their higher acuity units to keep your clinical skills up to speed.


Provide coverage to two newborn nurseries

Delivery rates of approximately of 700/yr and 800/yr at each site

24 hour on-call shifts

Flexible scheduling with lots of time off


Desirable central North Carolina location

Mid-sized populations (less than 40,000)

Comfortable climate (comfort index of 7.5 / 10)

Proximity to larger locations


Experienced NNPs only (sorry, no new grads)

Strong delivery room experience

Interested in working newborn nursery vs. NICU

Ability to function independently and autonomous

Advocate for family-centered care


Commensurate with workload and schedule


Desirable schedule with lots of time off work

Slow-paced work environment

Quality work-life balance

Work with a small NNP team but with the support of a larger NNP peer team

Staff that is eager and welcoming of the NNP role

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