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Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

Entourage Consulting LLC
Biloxi, MS
January 08, 2021


We are seeking experienced Cardiology Nurse Practitioner (Nurse Practitioner-Cardiology) to work at Biloxi, MS

General Description:

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner (Nurse Practitioner-Cardiology) help examine cardiovascular patients, order tests, make assessments, educate patients on their therapeutic options, and monitor the condition and heart health of patients that have pacemakers or other ICDs.

Specific Tasks:

• Collaborates with the physician in the health care of patients with acute and/or chronic illnesses.

• Requests consultation or referral with appropriate physicians, clinics, or other health resources as indicated.

• Orders diagnostic tests and follows up with results of testing as applicable.

• Prescribes and dispenses medications as delineated by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

• Performs accurate documentation, both written and electronic, of all activity IAW requirements.

• Completes orientation and competency verification programs IAW unit guidelines.

• Participates in the orientation of newly assigned personnel, as appropriate.

• Serves and participates in committees, functions, and other meetings as directed. Provides relevant and timely information to these groups, and assists with decision-making and process improvement.

• Participates in customer service initiatives and medical readiness activities designed to enhance health services.

• Ensures a safe work environment, employee safe work habits, and patient safety IAW regulatory agencies, infection control policies, and process improvement initiatives.

• Diagnoses and treats patients with common acute conditions or chronic illnesses within acceptable protocols, clinical practice guidelines, Nurse Practice Acts, and/or in consultation with a physician.

• Attends staff meetings to provide case discussion, continuing education, and continuous quality improvement and safety.

• Performs exercise stress tests within the cardiology lab.

• Produce a monthly average of patient visits and Relevant Value Units (RVUs) consistent with department norms and equal to or greater than peers in the Cardiology Department.

• Participates in peer reviews.

Education and Certification:

• Must possess a Master’s Degree of Nursing and have graduated from an academic program, within the nursing field of study that is accredited by a regional or national nursing accrediting agency recognized by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) or the CCNE.

• Shall possess, provide proof of, and maintain certification in BLS and ACLS/ALS.


• Nurse Practitioner Cardiology Services shall require an active, full, and unrestricted nursing license within the jurisdiction in which the MTF is located. Assignment to a position not involving direct patient care within or outside an MTF does not eliminate the requirement for license or authorizing document.


• Minimum of three years of experience as Family Care Practitioner, Acute Care Nurse Practitioner or Emergency Care Nurse Practitioner with experience in specialty clinics such as Cardiology, Neurology, Internal Medicine within the last 48 months.

Skills and Abilities:

• Possess excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, and have working knowledge of computers, specifically the Internet, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and Windows.