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Staff Management / Marketing

Dwelsmith India Marketing Pvt Ltd
Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, India
October 17, 2020


We are a Madhya Pradesh based t-shirt printing, Shirt Manufacturing company that are passionate about what we do. Experience, expertise, innovation and meticulous attention to detail separates us from the pack. We pride ourselves on hitting daily deadlines without compromising on the quality of our printed t-shirts.

Sure, high tech equipment is great, but step one to achieving greatness is the people you surround yourself with. Our team are a tireless and dedicated bunch of ink addicts.

Looking like they lost at paintball everyday is a small price to pay for satisfaction. From the brand of t-shirts we stock to the inks we use, we strive for excellence. All of our brands are ethically produced and approved. We use chemical free water based inks and cleansing materials where possible and are Ireland's printing pioneers in the field of discharge ink. Discharge embeds the print info the fabric of the tshirt rather than onto it.