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Dance instructor

Created Virtually
Miami, FL
October 14, 2020


We are the website that allows entertainers and instructors to interact and chat live with people around the world to give members an unforgettable experience. Creators will have the opportunity to make money from their interactive sessions. Members can access professionals in different categories and have a live virtual training or enjoy a variety of live entertainment in the comfort of their home.

Creators pages are set up and live sessions are scheduled for free..

Join our community and grow together!

Invite your friends and make it a group session. Improve your skills in cooking, fitness, dancing and develop your story.

Job applicants are expected to have great communication skills, and be knowledgeable in their field of expertise. Applicants will need a webcam and/or smart phone with good internet connection. Trainers will apply directly to the website requesting preferred time and date of session.

The website is commission based and the first month is commission free. The trainers will receive the profits after members payment fees and refunds for the first month.

Please visit to apply and visit FAQ for more information.

We look forward to you joining us.