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Fire Extinguisher Kitchen Suppression Tech FL df

ESR Healthcare
Brevard County, FL
October 13, 2020

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Fire Extinguisher Kitchen Suppression Tech FL df

This position is tasked with inspecting, servicing, testing, repairing, and installing all types of fire extinguishers and pre-engineered kitchen suppression systems. Includes recharging and hydrostatic testing of high and low-pressure extinguishers and pre-engineered kitchen suppression tanks. Maintaining the extinguisher service shop and equipment. Exit and emergency light inspection, service, testing, and installation.



Brevard County Area, FL

Ft. Myers Area, FL

Jacksonville Area, FL

Pompano Beach Area, FL

Tampa Bay Area, FL


Maintain a professional and well-groomed appearance.

Communicate well with the client.

Maintain a good working relationship with AHJ’s.

Provide an aggressive and proactive approach to satisfy client needs.

Have good follow up and time management skills.

Have the ability to meet deadlines.

Have a good working knowledge of all tools, equipment, and materials necessary to successfully complete the task at hand.

Assist with design, layout, field surveys, and client meetings as needed to secure a bid when requested by management.

Understand and apply all applicable Florida Statutes 69A-21 and 633.

Understand and apply NFPA-10, NFPA-12, NFPA-12A, NFPA-17, NFPA-17A, NFPA-96, NFPA-2001. •

Understand and apply all applicable DOT codes and regulations.

Inspect, service, test, repair, and install all types of fire extinguishers and pre-engineered kitchen suppression systems.

Recharge and hydrostatic test high and low-pressure extinguishers and pre-engineered kitchen suppression tanks.

Inspect, service, test, and install exit and emergency lights.

Maintain and clean the extinguisher service shop, keep a safe working environment.

Have the ability to use an iPad and company cell phone.

Have the ability to complete all work related paperwork electronically using an iPad.

Have the ability to learn and use (Service Trade) before the 90 day probation period.

Have the ability to interpret shop and contract drawings regarding the scope of work.

Responsible for ensuring that the procurement of material, equipment, and supplies from project managers is accurate, in order to complete all projects timely and accurately.

Complete project related paperwork.

Timely communications to the supervisor for any project related issues or improvements.

Review daily work orders for accuracy.

Perform service department duties when required.

Perform all tasks on service repairs, deficiencies, and required tests and inspections.

Assist clients and other technicians in after hour emergency or service based calls.

Have the ability to work long hours when necessary.

Must be able to lift a minimum of 50-75 pounds.

Must be able to climb and use 4, 6, and 12-foot ladders when needed.

Learn and apply Mission Statement and 8 Core Values.


High school diploma or equivalent.

Valid driver’s license.

Valid Florida state fire extinguisher permit.

Valid Florida state pre-engineered permit.

Fluent with fire extinguisher types, classifications, sizes, ratings, service and repair practices, and job requirement specifications.

A minimum of two years hands-on experience in fire extinguisher and pre-engineered kitchen suppression inspections, recharging, and hydrostatic testing.

Proficient in DynaFire office hardware and software tools. (Service Trade) A Must*