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Horticulture Technician

Prica Orchard
Waterloo, ON, Canada
January 05, 2021


Position Overview

The Horticulture Technician works directly with the owner of the orchard to design, plant and harvest orchards and prepare for the next season. This person will be responsible for all produce resulting from the harvest

Primary Responsibilities

-Designs, creates and maintains landscape and replacement plans

-Performs or directs others in the maintenance of orchard including watering, fertilizing and propagation methods.

-Performs or directs others in the maintenance of crops including organic soil preparation, weed control, irrigation, planting pruning and harvesting techniques.

-Operates, maintains and repairs a variety of farm equipment such as rototiller, weed-eater, power mower, hand tools and tractor. Arranges for servicing

-Recommends materials and equipment needed for efficient operation of orchard and surrounding areas; may make minor purchases with approval.

-Does quality control checks on produce

-Sorts produce

-Researches best regional placement of orchards

-Acts as resource person, resolves problems and instructs others. Provides technical guidance and assistance concerning work methods, the use of equipment and techniques, and the analysis of results.

-Compiles data. Prepares reports. Analyzes and discusses results and their interpretation with others. Maintains records and files.

-Keeps abreast of new developments in the field to update skills and knowledge.

-Other duties as required


-Degree or Diploma in Agriculture or Horticulture required

-1-2 years experience with plums, pears and apples required


-Execution and Follow Through: Turns concepts into actions.

-Issue Identification: Probes deeply to reach underlying needs.

-Organization and Time Management: Using time and resources optimally.

-Problem Solving and Decision Making: Defining issues, examining alternatives and effects.

-Technical Skills and Knowledge: Highly knowledgeable in field of expertise.

Locations in Waterloo Region