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Earn and Save Up Money By Working as a Relief Pharmacist

RPI Consulting Group
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
October 16, 2020


Pharmacy jobs are hard to come by in Saskatchewan, but if you work here for just under two months, you can save up a good amount of money and gain exactly the kind of experience you need to start applying to full-time pharmacy jobs.

You could be earning $45-50/per hour as a pharmacist in this part of the province, instead of fighting for unsatisfactory wages in Regina or Saskatoon. Why prolong your struggle in finding well-paying work in those places, when you could at least earn appropriate compensation for your experience and have a shot at regular hours for the rest of the year? The benefits all add up, even if living in the countryside isn’t quite what you had in mind.

In any case, southern Saskatchewan is a place where you can clear your head and re-align your priorities in life, making a good living in the meantime. Does this sound interesting to you?

Our Client’s Pharmacy:

This community retail pharmacy processes around 275 prescriptions per day.

As such, you’ll be kept pretty busy in order to meet the needs of walk-in patients. Nothing could be worse than being under-stimulated and not having your professional expertise recognized. Working here is very rewarding!

Our client needs the pharmacist to work 3-4 days/week until the end of the year.

The client is particular about which days you work.

Working hours from are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Wednesday to Friday are from 2 PM to 10 PM.

Your primary duties will be to check all prescriptions brought in by patients. You will check for accuracy and then distribute drugs to patients from those prescriptions.

You may be required to give advice to patients and explain drug dosage specifics and potential side effects.

Medical reviews will be conducted periodically with patients.

Requirements for this Job:

You must have a pharmacy license in Canada. Ideally, you would be licensed in Saskatchewan. However, if you are willing to re-license, applicants from outside of Saskatchewan may apply.

A fluent English speaker is needed.

You must be a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy graduate.

At least one year of licensed pharmacy experience (including a cumulative amount of locum work) is needed.

You must know how to use HealthWatch/Kroll pharmacy software.

Send your cover letter and CV to

Call me to learn more about the position at 1-866-505-3383, ext #317

or at 416-850-9809, ext #317