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Real Estate Agent - San Diego,CA

Real Opps
San Diego, CA
October 17, 2020


We are seeking a Real Estate Agent in the SAN Diego, California area for our fast-growing company. For our many agents this is providing an incredible income regardless of the market conditions or whether you sell a house or NOT.

Part-time work but it can pay like it is full-time

The recent release of our one-of-a-kind marketing platform, aimed at realtors, investors and small businesses, is seeing incredible demand and sales. This type of platform was previously ONLY available to large businesses with significant budgets. Now, with the inclusion of artificial intelligence we can automate all marketing for one low monthly cost.

Marketing is the cornerstone of every business.

Realtors understand the need and power of marketing. This role will allow you to use our marketing platform for FREE, not only to market our company, but also for your own real estate business. This can not only provide a regular ongoing residual income from our services, but also BOOST your real estate business.


- is tired of working hard, & not getting paid for their efforts.

- is upbeat, and has a GET IT DONE Work Ethic

- is a Self-Starter/Punctual/Organized a& has a Hunter Attitude.

- is an exceptional communicator

Realtors know that if they treat their clients right they will be your customers forever. With our pay plan you will be paid every month for their continued use of our platform.