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Receiving Clerk

Barangay 295, 1006, Philippines
January 12, 2021


We are looking for a Receiving Clerk to accept and process deliveries. The Receiving Clerk's responsibilities include verifying delivered items, unloading trucks, ensuring items are stored correctly, and processing returns.

To be successful as a Receiving Clerk you should be able to inspect deliveries with great attention to detail and be in good physical condition to lift and move heavy items. Ultimately, a top Receiving Clerk should be able to ensure efficient receiving processes and promptly resolve any problems or discrepancies.

Receiving Clerk Responsibilities:

Comparing purchase orders with invoices and packaging lists.

Inspecting deliveries to ensure they match order and invoice criteria.

Receiving and signing for deliveries.

Unloading deliveries from trucks.

Processing returns for incorrect or unsatisfactory items.

Organizing and storing received items in appropriate areas.

Updating inventory with received items.

Communicating with vendors regarding delays or problems.

Maintaining records of orders, delivery details, etc.