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Viral Video Researcher - Full time, Part Time, Ongoing Project

Aeonn Intel
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
January 11, 2021


We require work from home Viral Video Researchers to find video content that’s trending/has high engagement/is about to go viral. Videos identified will be to added to our growing database that is licensed to online and offline media partners.

Job Role:

1/ Find trending videos and clips

2/ Report findings via email/messenger app

3/ When a video is licensed by our media partners we pay you

You’ll search across social media channels such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and more niche sites to find content and the contact information for the person that posted/recorded a clip.

All you need are accounts on these social channels, niche sites and either a mobile phone/Tablet or PC/Laptop.

No experience required but applicants preferred are people that love to spend their time online and/or prefer to zero in on niche interests. Worldwide applicants welcome. Basic English required.

Video content required includes:

- Newsworthy - Current footage or trending topics

- Extreme weather - Huge storms, tornadoes, floods etc.

- Fails – Slips, trips, falls and crashes

- Animal videos – Interesting animal behaviour, wildlife rescues, unusual animals etc.

- Cute videos - Pets, Kids etc.

- Dashcam - Accidents, Crashes Near Misses, Road Rage

- Unique or interesting actions - Science, Nature, Explainer clips, OMG videos etc.

To apply send details on:

Where you are based (i.e country, continent, timezone etc)

A 1-2 sentence on why you would be great for the role

Details on any similar experience (if any)

Niches you prefers to find viral content in (dashcam, animals etc)

Messenger app details for to connect for reporting


Pay is commission based. 5% of the revenue for each clip you find when licenced. No limit on how much you can earn.

Hours: Flexible, Full-time, Part-time at your own pace

100% Remote work. Ideal in the current pandemic.