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English(US) Speech Collection Project

Audio Bee
Santa Clara, CA, 95050
January 11, 2021


Audio Bee offers on-demand high-quality training data for speech technologies. We are looking for Native English (US) speakers for a Speech Collection project to train text-to-speech technologies.

In the EN_US Speech Collection project, following tasks are to be performed:

1) Record spoken forms of words/phrases on our platform

2) Total Words/Phrases: 200

3) The time required for the task: 20-30 minutes

Roles & Responsibilities:

The speaker should sit in the auxiliary or main driver position and the recording device is located on the dashboard. Any kind of noise from/by car should be included. (ex; engine running, clicking sound, klaxon, rain hitting car windows, street noise, etc.)

Requirements & Qualifications:

- Must be between 20 to 60-years-old

- Must be a English (US) native speaker.

- Great reading and comprehension skills in English

- High level of independence, adaptation, and attention to detail

- Must be quick to understand and implement feedback