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Chiropractic Sales Rep - Bonita Springs, FL

Regen Med
Bonita Springs, FL
October 23, 2020


International Healthcare Company seeks an experienced chiropractic & wellness, sales & business development LEADER for the Bonita Springs, FL area.

Our recently released anti-aging product is a blockbuster that is seeing UNPRECEDENTED demand & RECORD-SETTING growth. And we have NO COMPETITION.

- This unique product is rapidly being adopted by chiropractic, wellness, and alternative medicine practices throughout the nation. The Bonita Springs, FL area is our next targeted market of expansion. Our explosive growth has now ranked us in the top 2% of all companies globally in terms of revenue.

- The experienced leader in the Bonita Springs, FL area sees an opportunity and quickly capitalizes on the unique positioning in this commission-based role, and our presence in the Bonita Springs, FL area.


- The vast majority of chiropractic and wellness practices in the country will soon be adopting this product. The effective business leader will quickly capitalize on our unique positioning and ensure our dominance in the Bonita Springs, FL area market.


: A self-starter

: A get-it-done attitude

: A self-driven leader

: A highly knowledgeable expert in the health & wellness space

: Candidates with existing chiropractic and other alternative medicine contacts in the Bonita Springs, FL area will have a quick road to success in this role.


: The industry's best compensation plan developed by sales leader for top performers.

: A product reorder rate of over 90%, which can provide a considerable ongoing, passive commission

: Top performers in the Bonita Springs, FL area also will have a generous car allowance available.


- Practicing chiropractors & other health professionals in the Bonita Springs, FL area can incorporate this into their existing practice time and sales reps in the Bonita Springs, FL area can incorporate this with their other lines of business.

- For those not residing in Bonita Springs, FL area it is possible to cover the area as no commute is necessary.

For consideration please respond to this advertisement.