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Chiropractic Sales Rep - Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN
October 18, 2020


International Healthcare Company is seeking an experienced chiropractic & wellness sales and business development leader for the Indianapolis metro area.

The recent release of our anti-aging product has created UNPRECEDENTED demand and RECORD-SETTING sales. A blockbuster product that is a category creator, that is being quickly adopted by chiropractic, wellness, & alternative medicine practices throughout the country is a unique opportunity. Our skyrocketing sales have now positioned us in the top 2% of companies globally in terms of revenue.

The experienced leader in the health & wellness space will quickly realize the opportunity our unique position and capitalize on this commission-based role.

NO COMPETITION. Over the next few years we will see our product adopted by EVERY chiropractic & wellness practice in the country. The effective sales leader will quickly capitalize on our positioning, and ensure our dominance in the Indianapolis area market for years to come.


^^ A get-it-done attitude

^^ A self-driven leader

^^ A highly knowledgeable expert in the health & wellness space

^^ Candidates with existing chiropractic and other alternative medicine contacts will have a quick road to success in this role.


The best comp plan in the industry. Developed by sales leaders for top performers. The product reorder rate is over 90%. This can provide considerable ongoing, passive commission coming from this high reorder rate. Top performers also will have a generous car allowance available.

For consideration please respond to this advertisement.