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for Product Design engineering

Vadapalani, Tamil Nadu, India
July 01, 2020


Before beginning a design, Product Design Engineers consult with the client to determine what their requirements are. They do research on the ways a particular product may be used and who the target audience will be.

The design of a new product begins with the Product Design Engineers sketching out ideas. They may then turn these into computer renderings, and use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to build virtual models of the design. Next, they will build physical prototypes of the models.

Once a model is ready, the Product Design Engineer works with other specialists to determine what materials and manufacturing requirements will be needed to produce the product. They work with vendors to develop the manufacturing processes that will be required, and interact with the operations teams to develop the necessary supply chains. Product Design Engineers need to work out what production costs will be, and evaluate whether their design can be produced for a reasonable cost and effort. They may also plan marketing initiatives for the product.