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Food Consultant

Yokie Food Group
Manila, Philippines
June 30, 2020


Restaurant Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

While a restaurant consultant’s day-to-day activities depend on their clients and where they work, there are several core tasks associated with this role. Based on our analysis of job listings, these include:

Develop Business Strategies

Restaurant consultants initially conduct in-depth observations of restaurant clients and engage in market research, taking note of competitors and target demographics. This gives them the background knowledge needed to develop business strategies, which they convey through detailed, multipage reports that include analysis and forecasting as well as concept development.

Recommend Menu Selections

Once they establish an agreement with owners on the desired branding, restaurant consultants move on to menu curation. When recommending menu selections, they consider various criteria such as marketability, ease of presentation, production cost, quality and authenticity, and price points.

Optimize Management

It’s the job of restaurant consultants to assess the operations of a restaurant and provide solutions to increase efficiency and drive down costs. Part of the process is preparing sales and profit projections, usually covering up to a year ahead, and setting strategic budgets. They may also help with marketing and social media and suggest software tools.

Evaluate Restaurant Design

A major priority for restaurants is a well-designed kitchen that’s conducive to efficient food preparation. Restaurant consultants evaluate the kitchen layout and assist with selecting equipment and fulfilling requirements for electrical and plumbing systems. In addition to this, they inspect service areas for cleanliness, aesthetics, and ambience.