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Warehouse Specialist

Entourage Consulting LLC
Yorktown, VA
July 13, 2020


Entourage is accepting resumes for this role:

Warehouse Specialist

Place of Performance: Yorktown, Virginia

General Description:

Warehouse Specialist performs a variety of warehousing duties that require an understanding of the establishment's storage plan.

Specific Tasks:

• Will account for all individual combat clothing and equipment (ICCE) items issued and de-issued via the Government provided accounting system in accordance with local standard operating procedures for the unit and any applicable regulations, orders, and policies.

• Creation of Individual Memorandum of Receipt (IMR) cards for each Marine who is issued ICCE items.

• Adhere to the local SOPs and applicable documents for issuing and de-issuing equipment.

• Observes condition, nomenclature, stock number, quantity, etc. of products received and issued and take appropriate action to resolve any discrepancies.

• Routinely checks stock for expired dates, product recall, deletion, and suspension of all items to ensure that all obsolete, defective, and/or expired items are removed from stock. Final determination regarding the condition of the items will be made by the appropriate Government personnel per for any action is taken.

• Assess serviceability of all items being issued or turned-in.

• Stage all gear deemed unserviceable for review and managing by appropriate government personnel.

• Conduct various periodic and unscheduled (on-the-spot) inventories of all ICCE items in the warehouse. Required inventory tasks include counting gear items, staging of gear items, assessing serviceability of gear items, completion of regulatory forms needed to document performed inventory.

• Assist in completing administrative tasks via computer for record accountability.

• Assist customers/service members with properly filling out the financial form.

• Issue material, assisting with inventories, assisting with maintaining shop stores inventory, and performing general shop store cleanup.

• Prepare items for shipment, as required.

• Responsible for accomplishment of work with little or no instruction.

• Work environment is subject to noise, dust, fumes, and possible poor lighting.

• Work requires the wearing of safety shoes.

• Light to heavy lifting (up to 70 lbs.), light to heavy carrying, standing or working for long periods of time is required.

• Must operate hand or power jacks, and carts in performing warehouse duties.