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paramount human resource multi purpose cooperative
Balintawak, NCR, Philippines
November 03, 2019


- The main duty of a janitress is to maintain and observe cleanliness in the

premises of the building.

- This includes sweeping, mopping, waxing, scrubbing and disinfecting the

floors and stairs, dusting furniture, disinfecting comfort rooms and other

utility rooms.

- A janitress has also the duty of maintaining the security and safety of

the building.

- This means, the janitress has to always check if the doors are securely

locked, the lights and faucets are closed and all electrical equipment are

plugged out of the socket.

- A janitress is also responsible for replacing consumable utilities such as

toilet paper and towels when they run out.

- A janitress also has the duty of placing equipment and tools back to their

respective places for orderliness.