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North American history and Canadian sociology teacher in Shandong

Beijing risunhongwen International Culture
Shandong, China
November 04, 2019


Location: jiyang, shandong

Subjects: north American history and Canadian sociology

Education requirements: bachelor degree or above, major in history, literature or related majors preferred, teacher certification preferred

Experience: teaching experience in junior high school is preferred, teaching experience in China is preferred

Nationality: native English

Job responsibilities:

(1) to do a good job in teaching this position and teach north American history and Canadian sociology courses as required by the school.ginseng

Prepare for the daily test and mid-term and final examination of the subjects.

(2) actively participate in teaching and research activities, conduct teaching and research exchanges with teachers in the discipline group, and communicate with them timely

The teaching group will discuss and follow up the students' learning situation and hand in the relevant information regularly as required

Teaching materials.

(3) master effective teaching methods and be good at mobilizing classroom atmosphere.

North American history trial lecture requirements

1. Trial lecture content: The Civil War(as shown below)

2. Target audience: grade 10 students

3. Number of students: 20

4. Trial lecture time: 15-20 minutes

5. Other requirements: clear teaching ideas, the use of multimedia, appropriate display of classroom activities.

We chat:13088967607 (we chat is better in China)

Facebook:雷遥 Facebook number: +8615123800772

Whats app: +8615123800772

Skype: + 8615123800772