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branch assistant manager post in private bank both

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Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
November 12, 2019


The routine operations of any branch are very intricate in itself and the assistant branch manager relives the branch manager from workload by undertaking various tasks and ensuring their execution in a proper manner.

An assistant branch manager has to supervise the activities of the staff in the front office and back office. He has to maintain a professional environment in the branch and ensure that all the employees are properly groomed and dressed according. Assistant branch manager looks after the customer service and sales of the branch and has to be present for the assistance to the staff, customers and the manager on a given day.

Assistant branch manager responsibilities are no less than the manager's, except for the fact that the supreme authority remains in the hands of the branch manager. The various categories that cover the job of assistant branch manager are as follows:

Schedule daily operations: Assistant branch manager prepares a schedule of activities in the branch and allots the tasks to different individuals depending on their designation in the organization or a particular department. He assigns targets to sales department, customer service department, revenue department and all other sections of the branch.