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Online English Teacher

Jolly-Noble International Education Management LLC
Fitler Square, PA, 19103
USD 100/hour
November 06, 2019

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Jolly-Noble is an educational consulting company. Recently we have launched an online study platform for our students with aim to instruct on non-native English speakers in reading, as reading abilities are necessary for nearly every subject and every career. At the moment we’re looking for private teachers who’d like to develop students' English literary skills using this platform, especially for those who plan to study in the U.S. in the future. This job expects hired teachers to give counsel to students in our program for the purpose of studying the art of English language, and ignite their love of reading. Students will write reviews, insights, and submit reading assignments in regard to the books they’ve read, and your task is to provide comments and feedback accordingly online to help them read better.

Job Type & Location

Online part-time position

Main Responsibilities

Tutor international students in grades 5-12 to improve their English reading levels in your spare time. It’s like office hours/times that instructors set aside to be available to their students. What you do this to find out what students understand from reading literature, and to provide them with information and strategies tailored to their individual needs.

The goal is to help them form a good reading habit, learn reading strategies to improve reading comprehension, and gain literacy competence.


-Middle/High School English teachers with a degree in English or relevant areas of expertise

-Minimum of 3 years of relevant teaching experience

-Passionate about the subject matter with good communication skills & strong work ethic

-The ability to build caring relationship with international students