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Entry Level Videographer

Livingston, NJ
November 04, 2019


We are a healthcare company that provides home products to everyday consumers. We are seeking a videographer to make product videos such as unboxing or 360 view for marketing. As the videographer, you will be responsible for working closely with the Director of Marketing to make sure the videos communicate the correct message to our end consumers. You will not need special equipment but good lighting is a must. If you have a smartphone, you are ready to work for us. It is not required to show your face in any of the product videos you will be making, this is optional and completely up to you. We will ship you the product for you to film and a script will be provided to you if you request for one. Audio is also optional as this is not required. Before applying for this job, take a look of an example of the type of product video we are looking for

The video can be found after the last image on the product page. We look forward to working with you in the creation of these product videos.