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35-40k,the Academic Director in Shenzhen

Beijing risunhongwen International Culture
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
November 10, 2019


Salary: monthly salary: 35-40k, room subsidy: 4500/ month, air ticket reimbursement: 10000 for the full academic year, one-time household expenses: 1500, meal allowance: free meals according to the school standard, commercial insurance: 10000/ year, year-end bonus: 10000/ year, visa fee: 2000

We chat:13088967607 (we chat is better in China)

Whats app: +8615123800772

Skype: + 8615123800772



Pls. write down the 5 to 11 principle responsibilities of this job in descending order of importance.

1.Attends the meetings of Weiming school, understands its strategy of development and current situations, and makes suggestions on feasibility at the request of the superior.

2.Helps the superior to create development plan for the Southlands programs

3.At the request of the superior, participates in the Southlands curriculum meetings and reports on the implementation of the program. To improve the quality of the program, raises questions, seeks solutions and reports the minutes and decisions to the Weiming superior within 24 hours.

4.Oversees implementation of Southlands programs in Weiming including but not limited to information system, academic system, and evaluation system and take responsibilities for the quality of the program.

5. Coordinates between Weiming school and Southlands and provides the curriculum and teaching plan at least one month before the new semester

6. Interviews expatriate teaching candidates at the request of the superior from the program, Observes the demo teaching, evaluate the capacities of teachers and gives advice;

7. Helps the superior to create course schedule. Makes admission exams for students at the request of the superior proposes the enrollment suggestions based on the Southlands admission criteria.

8. At the request of the superior, observes the classes against the syllabus and standards, checks if progress and quality are satisfactory and reports to the superior within 24 hours.

9. Evaluates each teacher regarding their teaching effectiveness and student progress and gives feedback to teachers after consulting the superior;

10. Makes recommendations regarding adjustments to curriculum and/or teacher training based on student progress and feedback from the teachers and administrators;

11. Keeps records of academic performance, attendance, and social acclimation of the students. Reports on all aspects of student development for school records and parents; oversees parent-teacher conferences on both a regularly scheduled and as-needed basis;

12. Organizes extracurricular clubs, competitions, and volunteering opportunities for students under the approval from the superior;

13. Oversees Guidance counseling for students;

14. Coordinates professional development, training, and short-term study exchanges with SSI administration;

15. Create progress reports and recommendations of ongoing Southland programs for the Southlands Overseas Campus Division Principal and SSI administration;

16. At the request of the superior, participates and/or leads faculty meetings, educational conferences, professional training seminars, and workshops and reports the minutes and decisions to the superior promptly;

17. At the request of the superior, organizes and makes public presentations in opening ceremonies, awards assemblies, and graduation ceremonies, as well as recruiting events and other events open to parents;

18. When communicate with Southlands on academic issues, must CC to the key administrators in Weiming school, to make sure that all the members engaged in the program are on the same page.