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bank of KVB for operational sector female candidates

unique infotech solution
Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
November 06, 2019


PO’s are also allocated with the tasks of loans like Retail loans,commercial/Business loans,Kisan credit card or there are different type of demand loans.

In big cities like metros or cities like chanḍigaṛh,Jaipur,Bhopal etc all these big cities usually have big branches with a staff of around 12~25 on an average. So there are different tasks as mentioned above are allocated to PO’s while as the business or size of branch goes down in equilibrium with the number of customers the tasks given to PO’s goes up. Means to say that there are 2–3 tasks that are given to PO as one who authorise debit/credit transaction can also operate lockers too.

Same when it comes to rural branches where staff is not more than 5–6, here number of PO’s allocation is quite low say 1–2 so now PO have to perform all the tasks at that particular branch.