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Peoplesoft Administrator

Enormous Enterprise
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
November 07, 2019


Title – Peoplesoft Administrator

Location: Kansas City, MO

Position Type – Contract

Duration – 6+ months with possible extension

Position Requested /contact info

High Level Technical Skills/Experience Required: Bachelor's degree (B.A.) from four-year college or university, or related experience; and five to seven years related PeopleSoft experience. PeopleSoft Financials 8 or above preferred.

• Maintains confidentiality of private information including but not limited to: social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card information, passwords and PINs (personal information numbers), and other private/confidential information if received during the course of client business. Protects and maintains the security of all confidential data to which this position has access. Immediately reports any misuse of this information to management.

1. Develops and executes procedures to keep current on patches, bundles and upgrades associated with PeopleSoft Financials and EPM budgeting software.

• Sees to it that the system is as up to date as possible on available patches and bundles.

• Works with developers to research available patches, patch bundles, or versions for their ability to address user requirements or problems.

• Develops a technical implementation plan for patches, patch bundles, or versions.

• Coordinates communication between PeopleSoft technical support, client application support, and Packaged Systems for issues relating to the application of patches, patch bundles or versions.

• Ensures regression test plans and new system functionality test plans are created and adequate for the areas that will be impacted by patches, patch bundles, or versions and that these test plans are executed.

• Helps analyze the impact on primary support applications and other applications as assigned.

• Documents current customizations and changes and helps move to a source management/change control system.

• Analyzes NAIC customizations and re-applies as necessary.

• Unit tests customizations and provides support for systems and user acceptance testing.

• Helps define and document user procedures.

• Develops, tests and implements programs to interface existing systems to PeopleSoft.

2. Supports the PeopleSoft system for all areas assigned.

• Makes sure that tickets are created in those instances where contacted directly by an end-user and it makes sense to have a ticket created.

• Provides professional customer service.

• Works with developers whose applications interface with the PeopleSoft system.

• Reviews Tickets with management at status meetings.

• Provides at least weekly updates to assigned Tickets.

• Works to determine if system problems are documented as fixed in a PeopleSoft patch.

• Assists in the testing of PeopleSoft patches especially as they are related to assigned Tickets.

• Attends meetings with developers whose applications are going to interface with PeopleSoft. Shares knowledge with developers as to how their applications should interface with PeopleSoft. Acknowledges this work in status reports.

3. Completes special projects, which enhance customer ability to perform their job function, availability, security, and general performance of the PeopleSoft system.

• Develops plan needed to complete the projects. Reviews these plans with management.

• Completes documentation and cross training of PeopleSoft technical team on all new projects.

• Works with business area or application development groups where appropriate on these projects.

• Seeks input from the PeopleSoft technical staff when developing these projects.

4. Develops half to one-day training classes for specific portions of the PeopleSoft system as well as end user manuals that can be used for daily reference.

• Meets with the managers of the various business areas that use the PeopleSoft system to discern any training needs they may have.

• Develops training classes and materials.

• Schedules and performs the training.

• Develops end user manuals for each of the functional sections of the PeopleSoft system.

• Keeps the cross-functional training materials up to date with changes associated with patches, bundles or upgrades as well as new functionality that are turned on in the system.

5. Effectively performs administrative responsibilities such as creating weekly status reports, updating time reporting for projects and publishing minutes from meetings led.

• Documents professional and soft skill development in status reports.

• Acknowledges mentoring of other team members in status reports.

• Provides status report at weekly meeting with manager.

• Publishes minutes from meetings within two business days.

• Updates time reporting system by-weekly for projects.

If you are not available or interested in this opportunity, I will really appreciate if you can forward the details to your friends or colleagues who might be available and looking for a project.

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