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Warehouse Workers

bershalin staffing, llc
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
November 07, 2019


This is a temp position at a warehouse to Start November 19, 2019 and is expected to last for about nine weeks. $16 hourly

Duties will be to prepare merchandise for shipping.

Most week workers will get 40 hours but hours will depend on needs at that time.

There may be some overtime available. It will depend on needs at that time.

Shifts are evenings 4:30 PM to 1 AM.

No jewelry or metal on clothing can be worn during shift.

No hoodies, hats, or toboggans.

No jeans, no cargo pants, no cell phones inside the facility!

Shoes will have to be removed before entering building for inspection.

What can be worn? Sweatpants, khakis, and other non denim pants preferably without pockets.

You must be able to enter and exit security without setting off alarms.

Drug test are required.

High School diploma or GED required.