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Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
November 12, 2019


We are looking for a receptive Marketer to aid in the creation and roll-out of memorable, profit-generating initiatives. The Marketer should review contemporary market conditions, guide the conceptualization of novel campaigns, and then work toward disseminating product-related data. You should also forge reciprocal connections with our consumers through thoughtful engagement and the deployment of experiential marketing events.

To succeed as a Marketer, you should be able to perceive latent opportunities for progress. Invariably, an excellent Marketer will critically evaluate their own outputs to bolster our firm's success.

Marketer Responsibilities: 1.Performing in-house, competitor, and consumer analyses to shape new undertakings.

2.Devising and coordinating intangible and experiential marketing endeavors.

3.Teaming with pertinent internal stakeholders to roll out seamless, effective campaigns.

4.Boosting our presence by harnessing paid and organic formulas.

5.Building sustained, profitable ties with our customers.

6.Analyzing metrics at strategic moments to ascertain successes.

7.Compiling informed reports to guide all marketing-related efforts.

8.Partaking in marketing workshops to enlarge your skill set.

Marketer Responsibilities:

1.Recent, demonstrable experience in a Marketing-intensive post.

2.capacity to interpret marketing-related metrics.

Method of applying

Forward your CV to this Email.