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Pharmacy Assistants: Go On The Adventure of a Lifetime in Coastal BC

RPI Consulting Group
Vancouver, BC, Canada
November 05, 2019


Pharmacy Assistants: Take Hold of the Adventure of a Lifetime With This New Job in Coastal British Columbia

Christmas is coming, and you’re looking for a bit of a solo adventure before you head home and see your friends and family. What can you do? Well, this is the kind of opportunity where you will save up money for presents and collect some amazing stories to tell around the dinner table.

This pharmacy is nestled in the archipelago that stretches northward in British Columbia. Imagine seeing temperate rainforests and an abundance of marine wildlife, including: gigantic Pacific grey whales, orcas with stark black and white skin, and majestic grizzly bears. It’s something you’ll be boasting about with your friends for years to come!

So you should ask yourself, why not go for an exciting travel assignment before the holidays? You can save some money, see the rest of the province in your spare time, and add valuable experience to your resume. This locum pharmacy assistant position is like an expedition—you’ll be flown in by the Client, do your work, and then fly back home!

What Will You Do as a Pharmacy Assistant?:

– Work from Monday December 9th to Friday December 20th.

– Your hours of work will be from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

– Our Client’s expectation is that you will not return back home for the duration of this relief assignment.

– You will receive an hour-long paid lunch break, from 12:00 to 1:00 PM each day.

– You will procure drugs for patients under the direction of a licensed pharmacist.

– You will bag and label those prescription drugs.

– You will maintain the pharmacy inventory is fully stocked, as well as organizing the overall pharmacy workplace.

– The pharmacy assistant will clean the premises of the pharmacy.

So how can you can make the most of this opportunity?

Skills Requested by the Client:

– You must have a confident working knowledge of Kroll Telus pharmacy software.

– 1 year of previous pharmacy work experience.

– The successful applicant should have studied a pharmacy-related subject at a post-secondary level.

– The pharmacy assistant must be a fluent English speaker. Reading and writing skills in English would be a strong asset.

What Will You Gain?:

Our Client has agreed to pay for flight and accommodation expenses. This accommodation will have a kitchen and access to local amenities.

You will also be paid for your travel time: you will be flying in on December 8th, and returning on December 21st. Hourly pay is to be determined.

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