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Wizard Bar Crawl
Split, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia
June 11, 2019



You want to hang out with people, love to go out, and travel then maybe we have a dream job for you.

Working for the biggest and coolest Wizard Bar crawl Split during the night & promoting and leading the bar crawl and other fun events we run during the day.

Making new friends and being an all-around good person is mandatory and just comes naturally with the job

We are looking for 30 energetic, social, fun-loving people that know how to have a great time. We wish to give those people the opportunity to take up the BEST SUMMER JOB IN THE WORLD.

THE POSITION IN SHORT: Working for the best/biggest local pub crawl / tram party, promoting and leading the bar crawl and other fun events we run. And just partying with the people on the bar crawl. Making new friends and being an all round good person is madatory. And just comes naturally with the job ;)


- priceless memories from the best summer of your life.

- free alcohol.

- free accommodation and some food

.- earn money for promoting / leading pub crawl + other events.

- huge potential for saving money whilst doing what you would be doing usually on holiday. (if you dont spend like crazy.)

- an opportunity to meet, makes friends / contacts with fellow travellers from all over the world. Of course as well you’ll make great friends with locals. - weekly incentives and bonuses for meeting goals.

Once again I will stress these positions are only meant for those that just want to have fun are energetic, outgoing and social. Having said this we are searching for a diverse range of personalities to be part of our team.We also need our workers to be great at gathering people together and convincing them to go out and party or join in on a day time group activity. It also helps if you have a tiny salesman inside or some understanding of business. The more languages you know the better as well, but English is the primary.We are interested in people that are prepared to stay between 4 - 18 weeks(even longer). But please just inform us of your plans, trip itineraries, prior to or during your stay here.

Meet new people, party hard, have free accommodation, free alcohol and some food, meet the new city and culture make memories for a lifetime and still be very well paid for all this

Looking forward to hearing from you!