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Marketing assistant

Nairobi, Nairobi County, Kenya
June 09, 2019


Terms of service :part time or

full time

Number of working hours :3 per day

Opportunity type :100% visual presentation.

*Role purpose*

The role of the advertising assistant is to have direct interaction with clients online, close sales and communicate next steps. You will take full authority in websites and how it will be used to help clients make their income.


Advertising assistant will be providing presentation outlines. They are expected to learn and update the presentation, research challenges clients face in their work and understand what other teams are doing to overcome the and grow their income using technology.

Interested candidates to Whatsapp official name, academic profession and current location to 254719639534.

*What current Trainees are saying*

People who went to school are looking for jobs.

People who never went to school are looking for job.

There is no difference between the two groups if on group cannot pick idea like this one and prove why they went to school. - Otieno graduate 2018

Degree is not a sign of wealth. You can sleep hungry with degree papers in the house, you can lack a job with degree papers on your hands, you can tarmac with degree papers on your hands. It's time to take business opportunities seriously. - Grace University of Nairobi graduate.


*Unless you want to work for the same number of years you have been schooling, you can ignore this opportunity