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In-coming call sales assistant

Philman Corporate Distribution Corporation
Manila, Manila, Philippines
June 08, 2019



Sales Assistant is someone who provides clerical duties for a sales team. Sales Assistant file reports, type invoices, forward phone calls, reply to emails and handle customer inquiries. Occasionally, they will assist in making a sale, or follow up with clients to make sure the product or service sold has been delivered as promised.

Key Responsibilities

Job position demands him/her to carry on clerical duties such as handling day to day operations, assisting sales team members and making and receiving clients to and from clients.

Responsible for document handling, file making and handling other kinds of paperwork of the office space.

May also be required to work as a salesman on certain days and sell products or items and hence it is his/her responsibility to have a thorough knowledge about the products/goods/services.

Responsible for fixing up customer’s problem, inquiry, ensuring the fact that meetings with clients go smooth and assisting administrative department etc.

Responsible for taking orders from the customer through phone calls and emails.

Input record of customers thru SFI system.

Printing and checking of invoices

Price checking and preparing sales report to be submitted to the Manager.