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Civil Engineer

Footbridge Energy Services
Rushmere, Virginia, 23430, United States
June 13, 2019


Job Overview:

Applicant shall have experience in structural engineering, and engineering mechanics. Experience includes pipeline analysis and design, pipe soil interaction analysis, structural evaluations, rigging, concrete design, risk analysis, failure investigation, seismic analysis, and NUREG-0612 experience.

Work efforts to include as required:

1. Project oversight at manufacturer’s facility during fabrication and finishing of new components.

2. Review and approvals of procedures, drawings, contingency plans, and training materials.

3. Preparation of nuclear engineering documents such as Engineering Change documents, calculations, specifications, and Engineering assessments to support the pipe replacement, concrete slab for crane loadings and float in cofferdam. The Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), concrete slab, and cofferdam design will be supplied by an architectural/engineering (AE) firm.

The applicant shall have or had the following qualifications at one or more Nuclear facilities: Engineering Calc, Specifications, Technical Evaluations, Std Design Process, 50.59/72.58 Screens and Applicability Reviews. The applicant will be required to obtain Dominion Qualification Records (DQR’s)

Project Scope Summary

As part of the Subsequent License Renewal (SLR) efforts to extend plant operation to 80 years, Surry Power Station (SPS) is planning a permanent repair of the low level 96” Circulating Water (CW) pump discharge lines to the intake canal that are classified as non-safety related. The repair process will use a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) composite system which has a 50 year service life for the buried section of piping. The above ground and submerged piping in the intake canal will be replaced in-kind with steel pipe with a waterproof Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) lining and Ultra Violet (UV) protection on the outside to provide a watertight barrier between the carbon steel and the brackish cooling water.

The CFRP system will be designed to take the place of the existing carbon steel pipe, and as such, will be a pipe that is capable of meeting the design requirements of the station piping, to include internal operational pressures and soil loading, and is formed within the existing discharge piping. The CFRP matrix will be designed to meet the requirements of the original design code ANSI B31.1 1968.

Additional duties will include:

Adapting to processing engineering documents within the Dominion Nuclear Design Change process.

Preparing technical reports based on inspections of company owned civil structures, systems and components to document finding summaries and engineering recommendations.

Preparing construction specifications and directing the preparation of construction drawings.

Field support to resolve construction issues with engineering products.

Planning and organizing multiple concurrent work scopes.

Developing project schedules and work scope estimates.

Interpreting and applying codes and standards with work assignments.

Desired Skills and Experience

BSCE from ABET accredited school with 3 years minimum general civil engineering experience.

Ability to lead an engineering team on complex multi-discipline projects.

A proven track record selecting and establishing contracts with outside engineering firms in support of work scopes.

Ability to work effectively as a member of a multi-discipline project team.

Must have effective oral and written communication skills to be able to interact with the project team and senior level management.