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Doctor Staffers LLC
Omaha, NE
$120 an hour
October 26, 2020


CRNA Wanted / Omaha, NE

Job specifics:

We are a primarily orthopedic and spine surgery facility (80-85% of caseload) with a small amount of pediatric and adult ENT cases, as well. We have both a large outpatient population as well as 25 inpatient beds. While we do occasional emergent surgeries at night or on weekends, our CRNAs only do scheduled cases Monday through Friday. Our CRNAs do NOT take call, nor do they cover overnights, weekends, or holidays.

We try to allow our CRNAs a large degree of autonomy as they do the majority of the cases themselves. That said, we have 3-4 MDs on site as well who are available to help if required. Unless assistance is needed, our CRNAs do all of their own “hands-on” procedures such as spinals, airway management, and medical management during the cases (again, MDs are available to lend a hand).

The position is salaried but, we do track hours worked as we have a system in place to pay employees for average hours worked above 40/week. Over the last three years, our CRNAs have averaged just under 40 hours/week (I can’t recall the exact number but, it’s been consistently between 39-39.5 hours/week. For instance, the schedule fluctuates greatly over the course of the calendar year and, so, a given CRNA might work 28 hours one week and 41 the next.

The base package salary is $158,000-$162,000 (depending on experience) per year with a 15% 401k match which equates to $24,000 per year with a three year vesting period. 401k match IS earned during vesting, but if they leave prior to the end of the third year, they lose a pro-rated portion of the match. We provide 8 weeks of vacation/PTO which is based upon an accrual system. In terms of dollar equivalent, the weeks of vacation are worth just over $3000 (for some employees, time off is less important and we allow them to work and take additional salary instead).

We provide employee health insurance ($8000 premium value), $3000 HSA per year, life insurance ($367 value), short and long term disability ($3900 value), $1000 CME, AANA dues and CRNA licensing fees ($836 value), and malpractice coverage ($1200 value). Total benefit package (non-salary) is roughly $18,303.

We have an end of year bonus system that covers the last four months of the year and is based upon average hours worked over 40hr/week. Essentially, it’s $100 per hour of overage plus 15% of that amount placed into the 401k. Over the years, this has averaged between $5000 and $7000.

The total compensation package therefore ranges roughly from $206,300 to $208,300.

Again, I would emphasize that in our group there is no overnight, weekend, or holiday coverage. We are initiating a plan to allow individual flexibility regarding benefits. This would allow the individual to take the majority of their benefits as salary if they choose to. We are recruiting for two CRNAs and also plan to add an anesthesiologist. We expect to end up with six anesthesiologists and 10-12 FTE CRNAs. Our hospital is highly regarded in the region and is considered a great place to work.

Interested CRNAs please call or text 407-221-3642 or simply reply to this post with your CV and contact info for more details.