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Medical Receptionist/Front Desk

Physician Practice Resources, Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
June 12, 2019


JOB TITLE: Medical Receptionist – Check-In/Check-Out

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES: The primary purpose of this position is to be responsible for receiving patients and visitors, determining their needs, and directing them accordingly. Our professional expertise and philosophy will be determined by the way the patients are greeted on the phone or in person. This should also be reflected in the professional approach of collecting payments for their visit.

SUPERVISION: Practice Manager


1. Greets patients in polite, prompt, helpful manner. Provides any necessary instructions/directions. Informs clinical person of patient’s arrival.

2. Completes necessary paperwork, such as encounter forms. Uses computer system to generate necessary information for billing. Typing skills required.

3. Updates patient information in the computer, collects copays and provides receipt, provides any necessary forms needing completion by the patient, and obtains signatures as necessary.

4. Maintains clean orderly waiting area, including beverage area and reading materials.

5. Answers phones in a pleasant manner and deals with customer needs expeditiously.

6. Supplements office staff as reception tasks permit by assisting with photocopying, filing, computer input/typing, scheduling ancillary tests as directed. Must be able to bend and squat as needed.

7. Calls patients to remind them of appointments. Calls to reschedule no-show patients. Verifies insurance coverage and benefits. Obtains pre-certifications as necessary.

8. Pulls charts for the next day or as requested. Lifting is required, 10-15 pounds.

9. Fax and/or mail medical information to referring physicians.

10. Obtains release of information from new patients.

11. Calls referring physician for new/updated patient records.

12. Creates new patient records.

13. Retrieves hospital information from system.

14. Monitors fax machine and distribute faxes with charts when appropriate.

15. Must be cross-trained with Check-Out position

16. Other duties as assigned.

The job holder must demonstrate current competencies applicable to job position.

EDUCATION: High school diploma or GED.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of one-year experience in customer service setting, preferably six months receptionist experience in health care setting and experience with office equipment.

REQUIREMENTS: 50 wpm typing skill preferred.

Able to lift 10-15 pounds

Able to bend and squat as needed

Able to sit for extended periods of time (7-8 hours)


1. Knowledge of reception tasks, clinic policies/procedures, paperwork.

2. Knowledge of office equipment use, including phones and computers.

3. Knowledge of customer service concepts and techniques.


1. Skill in using office equipment and handling paperwork/filing adequately.

2. Skill in customer service principles by creating a pleasant waiting room atmosphere.


1. Ability to communicate clearly in person and on the phone and establish/maintain cooperative relationships with patients, families, physicians, staff and other customers.

2. Ability to organize and prioritize tasks effectively.

3. Ability to read, understand and follow oral/written instructions. Can file correctly by alphabetic or numeric systems.

ENVIRONMENTAL/WORKING CONDITIONS: Office setting: well ventilated and well lighted.

PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS: Sitting for 7-8 hours per day. Requires eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity. Vision must be corrected to 20/20 and hearing must be in normal range. Must be able to view computer screens for long periods. Occasional stress related to workload and customers with problems.

This description is intended to provide only basic guidelines for meeting job requirements. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities and working conditions may change as needs evolve.