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Plater-hydraulic shop

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
November 03, 2019

Posted By Premium Recruiter


Sets up and controls plating equipment to coat metal objects with chromium, copper, cadmium, or other metal to provide protective or decorative surfaces or to build up worn surfaces according to specifications: Reads work order to determine size and composition of object to be plated, type concentration and temperature of plating solution, type and thickness and location of specified plating metal, and amount of electrical current and time required to complete plating process. Immerses object in cleaning and rinsing baths. Suspends object, for example part or mold, from cathode rod (negative terminal) and immerses object in plating solution. Suspends stick or piece of plating metal from anode (positive terminal) and immerses metal in plating solution. Moves controls on rectifier to adjust flow of current through plating solution from anode to cathode and to permit electrodeposition of metal on object. Removes plated object from solution at periodic intervals and observes object to ensure conformance to specifications. Adjusts voltage and amperage based on observation. Examines object visually at end of process to determine thickness of metal deposit or measures thickness, using instruments, such micrometers or calipers. Grinds, polishes or rinses object in water and dries object to maintain clean even surface. May also mix, and test strength of plating solution, using instruments and chemical tests. May also measure, mark, and mask areas excluded from plating. May also plate small objects, for example nuts or bolts, using motor-driven barrel. May also direct other workers and perform a variety of duties, for example racking, cleaning, or plating objects.