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Cultural Liaison

Entourage Consulting LLC
Kadena Cho, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
June 10, 2019


General Description:

Cultural Liaison shall provide information and advice to the 18th Wing leadership regarding the local culture and protocol consistent with the philosophy, principles, methods, and techniques endorsed by the Department of Defense (DoD) Air Force, and 18th Wing. Advice may include providing information on who or what office to contact regarding an issue and may involve facilitating meetings between Wing leadership and key stakeholders. You shall assist in arranging meetings, events, or other engagements in support of community relations.

Specific Tasks:

• Provides information to 18th Wing leadership pertaining to the culture of Okinawa.

• Provides advice on issues raised by the 18th Wing leadership to assist Air Force personnel develop a culturally sensitive approach to issues.

• Recommends, plans, and directs a variety of activities to ensure that proper protocol is observed.

• Identify points of contact for meetings or engagements. You may be asked to make an appointment or facilitate a meeting with those points of contact.

• You shall work to maintain a partnership between officials of the local government, business leaders, and community points of contact, and the Airmen of Kadena AB.

• Increase awareness within the local community of the mission of the United States armed forces and the alliance between the governments of the United States and Japan.

• You shall work to foster a supportive relationship with the community, facilitating the involvement of Air Force personnel in civic endeavors.

• Propose activities with regard to these tasks. The 18th Wing leadership will approve the activities while considering inherently U.S. Governmental concerns regarding the relationship of the governments of the United States and Japan.


• Full bilingual capability (English and Japanese). You shall read, understand, speak, and write English and Japanese fluently and clearly.

• Ability to effectively communicate with officials within the military community and those within the local host community.

• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in diplomatic relations between the Government of Japan and United States Forces Japan.