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Translator (JP-ENG)

b-cause Inc.
Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
November 05, 2019


[Job type] Temporary staff

[Position] JP-ENG Translator

[Department] Overseas Business Bureau

[Work Location] Tokyo, Japan

[Nearest Station] JR Iidabashi Station.

[Work Content] On-site English translation of Japanese articles

• Field - Entertainment, novels, manga, animation, etc.

• Quantity - 10 to 20 daily articles, Japanese articles (500-1500 letters)

• Flow - Request translation check by the supervisor correction check completion

• Delivery time - 24 hours. (When articles that need translation every day come up, need to respond with a sense of speed)

[Application condition]

• Japanese – Business Level (JLPT N1)

• English – Native Level

• Translation & Interpretation experience in any field

(There will be a trail test before the interview.)

[Welcome Skill]

• Strong interest in documents in the field of entertainment.


• Hourly salary 2,100 yen (including transportation expenses).

[Overtime] if actually working hours exceed 8 hours, hourly salary 2,625 yen.

[Working hours] 09:30-17:30 (1 hour lunch break)

[Holidays] Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.

[Transportation expenses] included in salary

[Expected dispatch period] Half year and about 1 year

[Contract renewal period] Every three months.

[How to apply] –

Please send your CV to